Emerging Managers Fund Guide: Raising a First-Time Fund

Langham Hall is delighted to release our latest handbook; “Emerging Managers: Raising a First-Time Fund”. This report seeks to provide first-time fund managers with a high level overview of many of the key aspects to consider when setting up, including regulation, fundraising advice and fund operations.

Langham Hall regularly works with new and emerging managers, for whom the regulatory and operational aspects of a blind pool fund might be unfamiliar.

As one of the only independent providers of fund administration and AIFMD services across three continents, our experience with such clients makes us a valuable partner when first starting out.

This report will outline key areas of consideration for first-time fund managers including;

  1. Establishment and Regulation: How to become authorised to provide investment advice, where to domicile a fund, and how to take a fund to market.
  2. Fundraising Q&A: We sat down with two industry experts to discuss key fundraising considerations, and what challenges an emerging manager may face when raising their first fund.
  3. Fund Operations: What should emerging managers be thinking about when planning an inaugural fund including; investor reporting, ESG considerations, fund finance and portfolio management.
Emerging Managers Fund Guide Raising a First-Time Fund

Emerging Managers Fund Guide: Raising a First-Time Fund

We hope you enjoy reading the report, and we welcome any questions you may have.