Register of Overseas Entities

We provide registration and verification services for those owning property or land in England and Wales through an overseas entity that is required to register with the Companies House Register of Overseas Entities.

The Register of Overseas Entities (ROE) came into force on 1st August 2022 and is administered by Companies House in the UK. It requires overseas entities who want to buy, sell or transfer property or land in the UK to register their beneficial owners or managing officers with Companies House.

This is directly applicable to a wide range of structures commonly used to hold UK land and property, including partnerships, trusts and companies domiciled in Jersey, Guernsey, Luxembourg and other jurisdictions. Each of these entities will need to register with Companies House to obtain an Overseas Entity ID.

Independent verification of beneficial owners and managing officers must be completed by a UK regulated agent also know as a ‘verification agent’. Langham Hall is an approved verification agent and is able to conduct the relevant checks, assist with the gather of the necessary evidence and undertake the verification process.

The overseas entity must file an annual update one year after first registration and every year after that.

We are able to provide services covering:

  • the independent verification process,
  • the overseas entity registration process and;
  • the annual update.

If you would like to discuss further, please contact us.