About us


At Langham Hall, our three core principles apply to everything we do.

  • To provide expert and high-quality service to funds across the jurisdictions where we work
  • To be trusted for our judgement and integrity in the work that we do
  • To offer varied and interesting professional accounting and other careers to our staff

We are a client-oriented professional services firm

  • We provide clients with a professional service not just deliverables
  • Each of us takes individual responsibility for every detail of our client work

Our clients have the right to expect complete satisfaction

  • Our clients have chosen to work with us – we need to repay their confidence
  • We show leadership to our clients through our proactivity and expertise

We embrace an apprenticeship business model

  • Each staff member has the opportunity and responsibility to develop their professional skills
  • Enabling the success of others through good leadership is a necessity in all roles