Working with us

Approach to work

We employ the best people and invest significant time in their training and development. As well as performing their core roles, staff have the qualities required to lead their teams and project manage clients. We expect our staff to anticipate problems in advance and to act at all times with a genuine interest in our clients’ businesses.

At least 85% of our fee earners are qualified or part-qualified accountants, with a wide breadth of debt, infrastructure, private equity and real estate fund accounting experience.

Our expertise, your career

Langham Hall focuses on the administration of structures in the illiquid asset classes of private equity, real estate, infrastructure and debt. The market for these products has increased exponentially and this has resulted in significant expansion for the firm since its launch. It is this on-going growth that gives everyone at Langham Hall the opportunity to develop their careers.

One of the secrets to our success is that the people running Langham Hall all lead client work. This is important as it means that, even from an early stage of your career, you are visible to senior management, all of whom are keen to find the best people and to help develop your career in a timely and supportive way.

Apprenticeship model

We use the word apprenticeship to describe how people learn at Langham Hall.

Apprenticeship captures the interactive and structured learning experience between the new joiner and their line manager. Of course, there are plenty of modules teaching the basics of professional services – everything from accounting and administration to how to use systems and tools. However, we believe the way you learn best is through structured, hands-on experience and feedback. This means we initiate situations where you can experience direct client interaction early on in your employment, and you can also expect to be exposed to a high level of technical challenges.

You will also be given the opportunity to manage people early on in your career. It is the responsibility of your managers to train you as quickly as possible and support you in developing new skills and knowledge.

A learning culture

We strongly believe that the learning culture at Langham Hall revolves as much around support and teamwork as it does training.

You will be mentored through line management but also have a pastoral mentor, an identified staff member outside direct operational management, who will be responsible for your personal development, well-being and the pastoral side of your time at Langham Hall. Success is built on strong teamwork and shared values.

We organise regular breakfasts, team lunches and after-work drinks, as well as popular firmwide events. Staff enjoy their interactions with colleagues and frequently develop lasting friendships in their time here.

Our job is to ensure we give all our young professionals a platform to develop their skills. Giving people responsibility early on through client interaction and access to senior staff is a key part of this. Nothing gives us greater pleasure than to see people reaping the rewards and progression they deserve.

— Rob Short, Managing Partner and Founder