AIFM Langham Hall

Host AIFM and Appointed Representative Services


Langham Hall is regulated in Luxembourg and the UK as a full scope AIFM, providing this service to funds investing in real estate, private equity, debt, infrastructure, and fund of funds.

We can therefore assist fund sponsors wishing to establish, operate and/or market a fund in any EU jurisdiction.

We offer: 

  • Bespoke services tailored to suite your needs
  • A commercial approach assisting fund sponsors (including first time funds, spin-offs and REITs) who may not have the time, capacity or resources to establish their own AIFM;
  • Speed to market for a fund launch with a robust and commercial framework already in place;
  • One-stop-shop or pick-and-mix service selection including: 
    • Host AIFM (regulated by the CSSF or FCA) delegated portfolio management or investment adviser basis,
    • Appointed Representative regulatory cover and FCA operator (in the UK),
    • Fund and SPV domiciliation and accounting,
    • Depositary services (regulated by the CSSF or FCA); and
    • Substance and director requirements in our serviced jurisdictions;
  • Reduced risk for investment advisors given our host AIFM platform was started by Langham Hall rather than acquired with potentially historical risks.

For our Host AIFM in Luxembourg, please find more information on the complaints handling procedure and disclosures pursuant to the Sustainable Finance Disclosures Regulations in accordance with applicable regulatory requirements.

For our Host AIFM in the UK, please find more information on the UK Stewardship Code.

Appointed Representative

For newly estabished fund sponsors or investment advisers in the UK, Langham Hall offers the option of providing a regulatory umbrella.

The service is quick to set up, provides a robust framework and access to an experienced team, and allows real estate and private equity fund sponsors to market their funds and to arrange and advise on deals to investors in the UK by becoming an appointed representative of Langham Hall.