AIFM Langham Hall

Host AIFM and appointed representative services

Langham Hall has permissions to act as a full scope AIFM and can provide this service to fund sponsors wishing to establish, operate and/or market an AIF in any EU jurisdictions. We are flexible in our engagement and the delivery of services can be tailored depending on the existing structure, requirements and goal of the fund sponsor. 

Our AIFM services highlights:

  • A rounded and considered approach to providing assistance to AIFs (including start-ups, spin-off, REITs) who may not have the time, capacity or resources to ensure a robust regulatory environment for AIFMD;
  • Speed to market for a fund launch in an efficient manner;
  • “One-stop shop” service reduces fund sponsors’ requirements to interface with multiple service providers. We can now provide the following services: AIFM Host, Appointed Representatives, Fund and SPV administration and accounting, FCA operator, substance and director requirements in our serviced jurisdictions, and Depositary;  
  • Appointed Representative services in conjunction with the AIFM host services or as a stand-alone service;
  • REIT independent board directors may prefer a third party oversight and risk management so fund sponsors can concentrate on the business of advising on the investments;
  • Interim AIFM Services for those in the process of getting their own AIFM permissions  (especially if other Langham Hall services are engaged for the Fund (e.g. depositary and/or administration);
  • Dovetailing of the regulatory requirements as much as possible with the fund sponsor’s internal procedures and provision of other services from Langham Hall (subject to Chinese walls) to minimise additional burden.