International Women’s Day 2024 – Inspire Inclusion

Envision a world where gender equality is the norm, where biases, stereotypes, and discrimination are nothing more than echoes of the past. Picture a society that not only embraces diversity, equity, and inclusivity but also celebrates every unique difference. This is the future that International Women’s Day (‘IWD’) aspires to create in 2024.

The theme for this year’s IWD is “Invest in Women: Accelerate Progress.” At Langham Hall, we are proud to have an array of remarkable women leaders who have relentlessly pursued and achieved their ambitions.

As we celebrate IWD we spoke to two of our senior women in our Jersey office.  Calli De La Haye and Claire Brazenall who share their career journeys.


Calli De La Haye and Claire Brazenall

Calli De La Haye – Head of People, Jersey

My professional journey commenced as a Career Advisor, where I had the privilege of empowering young individuals by fostering their confidence and equipping them with the requisite skills for gainful employment or further education. This experience paved the way for my transition into the recruitment sector, which subsequently ignited my passion for Human Resources.
Earlier in my careers, I spent some time at Santander Bank, where I embraced the role of a Business Partner, gaining invaluable insights into the intricacies of stakeholder relationships this drove me to pursue further qualifications in Human Resources.

Upon joining Langham Hall in 2013, I was entrusted with managerial responsibilities spanning Operations and Human Resources. My dedication and performance led to my progression to the role of HR Director. I am now Head of People, where I oversee the Human Resources, Marketing, and Executive Support departments. This role allows me to leverage my extensive experience and skills to contribute to the business’s success.

In my time at Langham Hall, I have seen many talented women rise up through the business to become part of our leadership team. Their demonstration of personal and professional development is truly inspiring.

Claire Brazenall – Head of Private Equity, Jersey

I left school at the tender age of 17 and headed to Aberdeen to study Law and German Law. After 6 years of hard(ish) graft I left clutching my law degree and my diploma in legal practice ready to start my traineeship at Dickson Minto WS. What followed was two years of work at the coal face of corporate law during the global financial crisis, splitting my time between Edinburgh and London and gaining invaluable experience in the private equity sphere along the way. I was lucky to work for, and alongside, some of the brightest legal minds in the industry.

I qualified as a solicitor in 2010 into an extremely challenging market for newly qualified lawyers, trainee retention rates were extremely low as the impact of the recession continued. After a fair amount of research, interviews, and a visit to Jersey I accepted a role in the funds team at Carey Olsen.

Over the course of my time at Carey Olsen I worked across real estate and private equity transactions and financings, fund establishment, closings, and ongoing regulatory advice. While at Carey Olsen I built close relationships with several administrators in Jersey including Langham Hall. I had always had a great relationship with the team here and found them to be fun, friendly, and responsive. When the time came to consider my next career move in 2020, I leapt at the opportunity to join Langham Hall as a Client Director heading up two of the fund administration teams. In January 2024 I was promoted to Head of PE and now lead our growing private equity fund administration department which is a great challenge that I am relishing getting to grips with.

Over the course of my career, I have had the opportunity to work with many strong female leaders who have inspired me to develop my own leadership skills. I am fortunate to count some of these women as my close friends and they continue to inspire me on a daily basis.

In 2024, I think we have shifted from the idea that the only way to progress as a female leader is to channel your inner ‘Miranda Priestly’ to a growing recognition that engaging with teams and bringing them with you yields more positive, fulfilling results for all and I am definitely in favour of that.


At Langham Hall, we are working to get more women to join the industry, supporting our female staff to build networks and connect with other senior women to continue building their confidence, holding women only activities as well as ensuring our events are gender balanced.

If you are interested in a career at Langham Hall, reach out to our HR team or check the latest vacancies here.

Calli De La Haye – Head of People, Jersey and Claire Brazenall – Head of Private Equity, Jersey