General ledger Langham Hall

General ledger

Langham Hall uses SunSystems, a fully featured; multi-currency accounting system used by 50% of the FTSE 250 and 25% of the Fortune 500 companies. SunSystems can hold both transactional data (i.e. debits and credits) as well as static data (account names, investor names and addresses and analysis codes). Through the use of analysis codes additional information such as project names, sub projects, call/distribution numbers, capital statement information, investor details and investment details can also be recorded. We have service contracts to support all hardware both onsite and offshore data centres.  

There is a fully integrated report writer within SunSystems, which is further enhanced by an excel add-in called Vision/ Infor Q&A which allows for seamless reporting from SunSystems directly into pre-set reporting templates. This enables us to ensure integrity of the financial data whilst retaining the flexibility of being able to update templates to meet end user needs.