New Year Cheer! Langham Hall’s Annex IV solution

2nd December 2016

With Christmas just a few weeks away, the fact that Annex IV reports are due at the end of January is probably the last thing on your mind. However, with the holiday break looming, there isn’t much time left to make arrangements. With every alternative fund being marketed in the EU needing to submit a return in January, next quarter’s submission will be the busiest since the AIFMD launched.

Fund managers are obliged to submit reports in each jurisdiction where they are marketing under the National Private Placement Regime (NPPR). Remember, the reports are triggered by your marketing permission in any given country, not whether you have raised capital there. 

At Langham Hall, we have been filing Annex IV reports for PE and RE funds since the requirement first started in Jan 2015. We file for open and closed-ended vehicles, both private and listed. We do this for managers in the US, Asia, Africa and the UK, and submit to all jurisdictions across the continent. We provide a “soup to nuts” service, where the appetizer includes setting up access to each of the regulators’ reporting portals, and the dessert is the submission of the reports. We also build in time for your CFO/CCO to review the final figures where required.

If you could do with some extra time in January to focus on other matters, we’d be very happy to take your Annex IV reports off your hands. To discuss our time and cost effective solution, please get in touch.

Joe Hime - Head of UK Depositary
T. +44 20 3597 7969