Langham Hall Host-AIFM opens for business in Luxembourg

2nd July 2018

Since 2014, Langham Hall has had a licence in Luxembourg to provide fund administration and domiciliation services, and then expanding, to provide depositary services.  From May 2018, we are now also providing Host AIFM services, providing a one-stop shop solution for fund sponsors.

The Host AIFM provides both portfolio and risk management services to funds investing in real estate, private equity, debt, infrastructure and fund of funds.  Providing a full suite of services under one roof, whilst respecting the segregation rules, reduces fund sponsors’ time communicating with different service providers so fund sponsors can concentrate on investing and fund raising.

This is the second Host AIFM service offering from Langham Hall as we also provide Host AIFM services from London to UK and Luxembourg domiciled funds. 

Luxembourg has increasingly been the destination of choice for funds with pan-European investors or assets.  With the implementation of the Base Erosion Profit Shifting Multilateral Instrument and the regulations designed to avoid treaty shopping, there is now even more of a case for those fund sponsors to choose a main jurisdiction for their funds and Luxembourg appears to be most popular for due to its stability and commercial infrastructure. 

Langham Hall’s Luxembourg team has grown organically to over 40 people and Hanny Tirta, Langham Hall’s Head of AIFM, commented, “Building up a business from nothing means that you have to understand every intricate detail of the service offering and can really provide practical insights to your clients through your understanding of technical details.”

Head of Langham Hall Luxembourg, Keith McShea added, “Langham Hall’s business in Luxembourg is stronger that the sum of all its parts with the one-stop shop service offering.  We continue to aim to provide the most professional and streamlined service for our clients.”

Langham Hall is in eight jurisdictions: London, Jersey, Guernsey, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and Netherlands employing over three hundred people.