Career first steps: What is it like to be a Graduate Fund Accountant?

17th February 2021

You’re finishing university and are considering what career path to take. You’re interested in financial services, investment, alternatives assets… so what’s next?

We spoke to two of our graduates to share their experience of joining our Graduate Programme and what it’s been like to start their careers as fund accountants.

Lily Davis joined our graduate programme in March 2020 specialising in Private Equity and Andy Yu back in 2019 specialising in Real Estate.

1. What is your educational background?

LD: I graduated from the University of Birmingham in summer 2020 where I gained a First in Modern Languages (German and Spanish) and Business Management. At A Level, I studied Maths, German and PE.

AY: I studied Bsc International Management (China) at SOAS, University of London and spent a year-abroad studying Linguistics at Beijing Normal University.

2. Why did you apply to join Langham Hall’s Graduate Programme?

LD: Having not studied finance and accounting at university, I loved the fact that Langham Hall’s Graduate Programme offered training towards becoming a fully qualified accountant. The fusion of practical and theoretical learning was something which piqued my interest in the scheme. The chance to work for a highly reputable firm and develop personal skills such as leadership and communication was also something which drew me to Langham Hall.

AY: I had a particular interest within Real Estate and Investments, Langham Hall stood out to me as a leader in fund administration particularly in the real estate markets. The Graduate Programme provides the opportunity to develop your personal and technical ability in a practical, professional environment within a global firm which was very important to me.

3. How have you found your first year in fund accounting? What kind of tasks have you completed / do you complete on a daily basis?

LD: I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Langham Hall so far. Thanks to the openness and approachability of my colleagues and culture of asking questions, I have been able to learn so much. I have learned how to prepare management accounts, capital accounts to how to answer queries the client or investor may have; all of which are fundamental, daily tasks within fund accounting.

AY: My experience at Langham Hall has been positive because of the supportive culture and the colleagues I work with on a daily basis. Typically my daily tasks range from preparing management accounts, bookkeeping, liaising with client finance teams to working with auditors.

4. What have you enjoyed the most about working at Langham Hall?

LD: I have always loved learning and working in a team. At Langham Hall, I am constantly learning and developing skills, while also working alongside a group of likeminded, aspirational people who are incredibly approachable and helpful. These factors keep the work interesting and enjoyable.

AY: Everybody at Langham Hall from senior management to trainees have been very approachable and supportive. The culture here is very diverse and you have the opportunity to work with and learn from individuals of various backgrounds.

5. What’s the best piece of advice you could give to someone who’s looking to apply to Graduate Programmes?

LD: Be open to new learning experiences and embrace every opportunity. We learn most from asking questions and making mistakes, so have confidence in your intellectual aptitude and be inquisitive, because there’s always something to learn.

AY: Apply with an open mind, be confident with your direction and don’t be afraid to make mistakes early on. Being prepared, adaptable and inquisitive throughout the application process is equally important on selecting your career path so do your research, practice your interview skills and be yourself on the interview day.


About Langham Hall's Graduate Programme:

To support our ongoing growth, the Langham Hall Graduate Programme provides candidates with the opportunity to learn and train in a structured environment. They will receive study support towards their preferred accountancy qualification (ACCA or CIMA). The programme lasts for 36 months with rotation through our client facing businesses, focusing on fund accounting. At the end of the first year, successful graduates will be promoted to an Assistant Accountant position within a specific team.


If you are interested in a career at Langham Hall, reach out to our HR team and check the latest vacancies here.