Langham Hall FCA operator

FCA operator

Langham Hall is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to act as operator for collective investment schemes.

We provide a tailored and interactive service where clients rely on us to monitor the structure in a measured and informed manner.

Typical services provided to a limited partnership for the role of the operator are as follows:

  • operation of the partnership;
  • quarterly compliance reviews and meetings with the client;
  • monitoring of accounting and financial information;
  • review of any investor memos, meeting minutes and any other information regarding the monitoring of the structure, including but not limited to information received;
  • monitoring of any future distributions, draw downs of debt and payment of expenses;
  • conforming to the requirements of Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (FSMA), with any subsequent amendments and also conforming to the requirements of the FCA;
  • annual review of both internal and external records to ensure full compliance;
  • monitoring of the partnership agreement and any other agreements to ensure the terms are adhered to;
  • dealing with investor queries and requests in respect of the partnership;
  • review of any calculations, allocation and distribution of funds to partners which are payable in accordance with the partnership agreement;
  • review of the annual accounts of the partnership;
  • liaison with the General Partner (GP); and
  • filing of any notices required to be filed with Companies House and/or the London Gazette pursuant to the Limited Partnerships Act 1907.