Langham Hall operates in Asia with offices based in Hong Kong and Singapore, and a team of 70 which continues to grow. The Hong Kong office was established in 2008 and includes Mandarin and Cantonese speakers, with significant experience in Asian funds. Our administration work is conducted in Hong Kong rather than sub-outsourced to other locations, as well as from our office in Singapore, which has been established to serve our clients with fund administration and accounting support locally. We undertake the administration of Singapore fund structures and SPVs, as well as feeder funds domiciled in other jurisdictions. 


“The main thing that attracted me to Langham Hall was the opportunity it represented. When I joined, I had very limited experience and skills required for the industry but Langham Hall provided a great structure for growth and development even for fresh graduates. The Company helps polish core accounting skills and create client relationships all the while supporting technical and personal growth in its employees. I believe that Langham Hall has been a growing and learning experience for me which goes above and beyond.”

- Ryan Ng, Private Equity Fund Administration Accountant, Hong Kong


“I’ve been at Langham Hall for over 4 years and I think here provides a great opportunity and platform for people to grow. You are provided different kinds of training in support of your own personal development. During my career life with the Company, I’ve accumulated lots of valuable technical skills, management skills as well as leadership skills under the apprenticeship model. You will be working in a harmonious and friendly environment.”

- Cheila Cai, Private Equity Fund Administration Manager, Hong Kong


“I have been at Langham Hall for four years since I completed my post-graduate degree. I joined the company to pursue a professional accounting role specialising in the financial services industry and, it has been a wonderful journey so far. The biggest attraction of Langham Hall is the people-oriented culture. The senior management always put individual development as the top priority, and value each member’s opinions and contributions. All my colleagues are highly spirited as everyone shares similar values and goals, whilst respecting one another’s differences. I think Langham Hall is a great place for aspiring accountants to kick-start their career and I look forward to continuing to grow with the company down the road.”

- Vincent Kao, Private Equity Fund Administration Assistant Manager, Singapore